pjL 2010
Studies (advertising and design) in Paris. Exhibitions since 2004. She lives and works in the capital city region.
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Anmarie Leon is especially captivated by the study of the face. She builds her work on a meticulous observation and she spends long hours to be stared at all the persons whom she crosses. She draws her material from alive models but also from all the supports which translate the expression of feelings : the works of her peers, the "mascarons", the bottom-reliefs to which she dedicates a big admiration.
Trying to get the essence of lines, to appropiate the physical and moral characters of the subject, she interprets the inmost sentiments which she imagines hidden, retained behind the lines of the face. Resemblance is not her comment but rather the variety of facies : realists or very freely embodied, academic or caricatural, grotesque or romantic.
Anmarie Leon deceives sensitive appearances which disguise reality .She sees farther, and offers us the contemporary perception of the reflection of the man.
Isabelle Dedieu