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Works of Anmarie Leon exposed on the public domain
• "Grand tree of life" - Earth on stalks of steel - Ht : 90 1/2 in
This work was exposed during one year in the yard of the room Sophie-Marie Brunel in La Ferte Alais (Essonne).
• "Exona" - Bronze and stainless steel - Ht : 101/2 ft
(Exona is a Gallo-Roman guardian deity of rivers. She gave her name to the river and to the department of Essonne)
This work was ordered by the Syndicat intercommunal d'aménagement de reseaux et de cours d'eau. Set up in front of the multi purpose hall of the new central wastewater treatment of Corbeil Essonnes the sculpture was inaugurated on 2010 Oct. 1st.